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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say!

Ugo and his team are something else! I reach out to him from Youtube and he has been with me every step of the way! He is patience, super knowledgeable, and works his but off to get the job done. I can thank him and his team enough! I went through 3 other realtors before I found him and Couldn't be happier.

- Ashton Wayne

Ugo sold my sister her house so I knew I was in good hands so no concerns going in. However after see how hard he worked when it came to negotiate to get us the home we are in now, I was blown away! This kids fights as if his life depended on it or as if it was his house on the like and my family truly appreciated that. That's the kind of realtor you want on you side. Thanks Ugo

- Hakeem Wright

I was living in New Jersey and knew that I wanted to live in Philly the moment I could buy a home.I honestly thought me buying a home was going to be 1-2 years our. Ugo was like "nah shouldn't take that long!" His words exactly and we got it done in 8 months. I bought a duplex and I live on the top floor. The rent from the 1st floor covers my mortgage so I only pay utilities! Ugo is amazing and his knowledge is so much more than your typical realtor. I can not than this man and his team enough.

- Iesha Middleton

Let me start of by saying that NOT ALL REALTORS ARE CREATED THE SAME!!!! Dude! I had a nightmare with my last realtor. My house was on the market for 6 months and we had very little showings and ridiculous offers! Ugo's assistant called me and then I met with Ugo when he came out to view our house and he told me he could get the home sold in 6 months or he would list it for free. I thought there was a catch but there wasn't. Ugo partnered us with an stager and interior designer and we paid for a professional videographer to show our house in the best light possible. We got 17 showings in the first 2 weeks and 3 offer over asking. How does one realtor get no results in 6 months and another gets me 3 offers over asking price in 2 weeks!! Thanks Ugo & Team!

- Tim & Angela Cartwright

I'm from New York. I'm saying this because the price of home in Philly seemed so inexpensive when I compared them to New York. Every house I saw I thought the price was a steal! Enter my realtor Ugo and he's tell me otherwise. I love the fact that he told me when a home was under price, over price, or price correctly. This literally saved me ... $17,500! Ugo you are the man and I thank you for not taking advantage of someone who was eager to pay full price and not fight for anything. All the hard work of you and your team is greatly appreciated.

- Tabitha Johnson

Me and my husband were empty nesters and it was time to sell which is bittersweet. Ugo and his team made the process so smooth. Even when we had hiccups they were handles in a why that did not raise my blood pressure. Thank you for all you have done Ugo.

- Sandy & Luke Allbright

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